How to Choose the Best SEO Company for Your Business

There are numerous SEO companies out there that are just, plain and simple, bad! They can hurt you and can hurt your business, and that is exactly why you need to know exactly how to find the best possible SEO company. In order to help you out with that, we have decided to give you these ten tips that will make the whole search process simpler and lead to better results.

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1 – They need to understand your business. This basically means that the SEO company needs to understand your business model, your objectives and goals, your target customers, your market place and well as your USP. They also need to know why you need an SEO company and why you’re seeking a better place among the online search results.

2 – Ask for explanations. This means that you ought to ask the SEO company to explain everything they plan to do with simple words. Ask them about the entire process, how does it start, how does the topical keyword research and the competition analysis work, etc.

3 – The SEO company needs to do its due diligence. They need to do an initial search engine optimisation as well as a web marketing audit in order to figure out what the problems are, what the quality of the inbound links is, what are the website analytics insights, what is the business’ online profile, what technical issues can be found there, and what are some of the road blocks when it comes to the user experience.

4 – Check out their search engine ranking. Figure out where this particular SEO company ranks by googling it. A good SEO company should be at the very top when it comes to results, and if they can’t make their company appear among the top results, how are they going to do it with your company?

5 – Check out their customer search engine ranking. Ask the company about some of their customers, and then see where they are when it comes to SEO. This will tell you how this SEO company deals with its clients, and how good they are at their job.

6 – Look into their cancelation policy. You need to know what to expect if you ever decide to end the cooperation with this company. Make sure they won’t reduce your optimization and that there won’t be any link deletions.

7 – Does the SEO company focus on both rankings and conversions? It is basically pointless to be at the top of Google’s results without a strategy of website conversion.

8 – Look for some references and testimonials. This basically means that you need to ask the company about their previous clients and then give them a call and ask about the SEO company. This will tell you how the company treats the clients, how good they are, what the clients think of them, etc.

9 – See if they’re accountable. You will need a proof of measured results, which basically means that you are going to need a proof of their activities. Only the companies that provide this should be considered.

10 – The SEO company you wish to hire should never stop learning. This means that a good company is always ahead of the game exactly because it’s always learning new things and is never outdated in any way.

11. – Consider hiring an SEO consultant as an alternative option to an SEO company, check out one already ranking well in Google, for example:, Gareth ranks well for “SEO consultant London”