Simple Mortgage Rules you need to follow

Are you planning to buy a new house? Do you want to buy an investment property? If your answers are yes, then this is the blog you need to read. A mortgage is the most important and crucial element you have to check when purchasing a property or house. It can be a big loan, and you have to ensure whether you can afford to repay the loan if you’re selling in and around London it’s always best to look for leading Mayfair estate agents.


Do you know the meaning of the word mortgage?

Mortgage can also be called a loan. It is obtained from the banker or lender to purchase a home. The lender will provide you this loan on the basis of credit rating, your recent debts, and your current income. It is essential to maintain excellent credit rating records if you have plans to take a loan out. Here in this blog, we are going to share some tips that will help you to take a mortgage to purchase your dream home.

Know your needs:

Before planning to take a loan out, first decide your budget and which loan amount you would require to purchase your desired property. You should clearly know your needs. If possible, you should discuss with a loan broker and get an idea of how much you have to pay every month and how much loan is necessary for you to buy a property. This way, you will get a clear idea about your needs and requirements.

Understand your fixed costs:

Most people will have certain fixed costs, which they will regularly be paying on a monthly basis. You have to plan your household budget and other expenses to stay clear about your needs. It is essential to consider even small expenses or things like credit card bill payments in the fixed costs. If you are going to miss one or two, then you will have to worry at a later time.

Remain PITH safe:

Do you know the meaning of the word PITH? It is the abbreviation of principle, interest, heating bills and property tax. When you have planned to take a loan, you need to check the principle and interest amount of the mortgage. You have to see how much you are going to pay as interest and how you will be paying on a monthly basis. If you have plans to repay the entire amount before the loan due date, then you can inform your lender about that. Most of the lenders provide complete details and remain transparent in their deals. It is essential to sign up with a leading lender in your area. Do not just stick with the first lender. Ask for references and contact four to five lenders to find out the best lender. The interest amount should not exceed your budget.

Paying your mortgage:

If your loan amount has been approved, then it is good to plan ahead. When taking a loan out, you have to focus on several factors like payment schedule (whether it is weekly, monthly, half yearly or quarterly), interest rate and amortization period. The amortization period can be twenty to thirty years. It is the time period you will take to repay the entire loan amount.